IUPAP-Sponsored Awards

IUPAP commissions give out various awards to scientists. Below is some information on each of the awards and a list of recent winners. For more information on the awards, please contact the relevant commission.

The IUPAP-Sponsored Awards are:

The IUPAP Young Scientist Prize, approved and adopted at the 2005 General Assembly for all commissions.

The SUNAMCO Medal, given by the Commission on Symbols, Units, Nomenclature, Atomic Masses and Fundamental Constants (C2) in:
1990 to Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM);
1991 to R. D. Deslattes;
1992 to B. P. Kibble and H. E. Duckworth;
1996 to E. R. Cohen;
1998 to T. Kinoshita and GSI (Gemeinschaft für Schwer-Ionforschung, Darmstadt).
2001 to C. A. Hamilton and T. W. Hänsch.
2004 to A. H. Wapstra, Senior SUNAMCO medallist
2008 to H.-J.  Kluge and Georg Bollen, and to D.E. Pritchard

The Boltzmann Medal, awarded by the Commission on Statistical Physics (C3) in:
1975 to K. Wilson;
1977 to R. Kubo;
1980 to R. J. Baxter;
1983 to M. Fisher;
1986 to D. Ruelle and Y. Sinai;
1989 to L. P. Kadanoff;
1992 to J. L. Lebowitz and G. Parisi;
1995 to S. Edwards;
1998 to E. Lieb and B. Widom.
2001 to B. J. Alder and K. Kawasaki
2004 to E. G D. Cohen and Eugene Stanley
2007 to K. Binder and G. Gallavotti
2010 to J. Cardy and B. Derrida

The Fritz London Award, given by the Commission on Low Temperature Physics (C5) in:
1958 to N. Kurti;
1960 to L. D. Landau;
1962 to J. Bardeen;
1964 to D. Shoenberg;
1966 to C. J. Gorter;
1968 to W. M. Fairbank;
1970 to B. D. Josephson;
1972 to A. Abrikosov;
1975 to J. C. Wheatley;
1978 to W. L. MacMillan, J. M. Rowell and G. Ahlers;
1981 to A. J. Leggett, J. D. Reppy and I. Rudnick;
1984 to W. Buckel, O. V. Lounasmaa and D. J. Thouless;
1987 to J. Clarke, J. Kondo, J. G. Bednorz and K. A. Müller;
1990 to A. Larkin, P. C. Hohenberg and R. C. Dynes;
1993 to D. S. Greywall, H. Meyer and A. Schmid;
1996 to M. H. W. Chan, E. Cornell and C. Wieman;
1999 to D. Brewer, W. Ketterle, and M. Krusius;
2002 to R. J. Donnelly, W. Hardy, and A. M. Goldman;
2005 to S. Balibar, J.C. S. Davis, R. Packard;
2008 to Y. M. Bunkov, V. V. Dmitriev, I. A. Fomin;
2011 to H. Maris, H. Mooij, G. Schön

The Young Author Best Paper Award, established by the Commission on Semiconductors (C8) and sponsored by the semiconductor industries of USA, Japan and Europe, awarded in:
1990 to F. Beltram, P. Bloechl, T. Egeler, M. Fujii, L. Kouwenhoven, M. Noguchi, D. Nolte and J. Peretti;
1992 to Y. Jin, X.K. Lu, W. Quade, T. Tomaru, T. Tsuchiya, H. L. Vaghjiani and J. K. Wang.
1994 to H. Ajiki, H. F. Ghacmi, S. Gunji, K. Itoh, C. Lavoie, D. Leonard, F. Rossi and C. Waschke;
1998 to G. Biasiol, S. Bose, R. Crook, E. Dekel, R. de Picciotto, B.A. Glavin, D. Goldhaber-Gordon, L.E. Golub and C.M.A. Kapteyn;
2000 to K. Hannewald, D. Jena, H.-S. Im, V. Tuerck, and J. D. Heber.

ICM Award in Magnetism, established by the Commission on Magnetism (C9), awarded in:
1991 in Edinburgh to A.J. Freeman
1994 in Warsaw to A. Fert/P. Grunberg
1997 in Cairns to R. J. Birgeneau
2000 in Recife to F. Steglich
2003 in Rome to G. Aeppli, H. Ohno and D.D. Awschalom
2006 in Kyoto to J.C. Slonczewski
2009 in Karlsruhe to Stuart S.P. Parkin

The ICPE Medal, sponsored by the Commission on Physics Education (C14) awarded in:
1980 to E. M. Rogers;
1981 to P. Kapitza;
1983 to J. R. Zacharias;
1985 to V. F. Weisskopf;
1987 to J. L. Lewis;
1991 to International Physics Olympiad;
1992 to N. Joel;
1995 to L. Jossem;
1997 to G. Marx;
1998 to D. Nachtigall;
2000 to P. Black;
2002 to T. Ryu, and L. McDermott.

Penning Award Excellence in Low-Temperature Plasma Physics, established by the Commission on Plasma Physics (C16), awarded in:
1991 to A. von Engel;
1993 to Ju. P. Raizer;
1995 to J. E. Lawler.

ICO Prize, awarded by the International Commission for Optics (AC1) in:
1982 to Antoine Labeyrie
1983 to James R. Fienup
1984 to J. Christopher Dainty
1985 to Sergei I. Stepanov
1986 to Kensuke Ikeda
1987 to Alain Aspect
1989 to Demetri Psaltis
1990 to Rosario Martinez-Herrero
1991 to David A.B. Miller
1992 to Wolfgang Peter Schleich
1993 to Aleksander K. Rebane
1994 to Emmanuel Desurvire,
1995 to Tony F. Heinz
1996 to Vladimir Buzek
1997 to Andrew M. Weiner
1998 to David Mendlovic and Haldun Ozaktas
1999 to Hugo Thienpont
2000 to Stefan W. Hell
2001 to Nabeel A. Riza
2003 to Benjamin J. Eggleton
2004 to Ashok V. Krishnamoorthy
2005 to Immanuel Bloch
2006 to Hideyuki Sotobayashi
2007 to Susana Marcos
2008 to Zeev Zalevsky
2009 to Menon Rajesh
2010 to Reinhard Kienberger
2011 to Nicholas X. Fang

ICO Galileo Galilei Award, awarded by the International Commission for Optics (AC1) in:
1994 to Ion N. Mihailescu
1995 to Rajpal S. Sirohi
1996 to Daniel Malacara
1997 to Natalyia D. Kundikova
1998 to Ajoy K. Ghatak
1999 to Mario Garavaglia
2000 to Vladimir P. Lukin
2001 to Kehar Singh
2002 to Rashid A. Ganeev
2003 to Cid B. de Araujo
2004 to Milivoj Belic and Caesar Saloma
2005 to Valentin Vlad
2006 to Mohammed M. Shabat
2007 to Oleg V. Angelsy
2008 to Joewono Widjaja
2009 to Marat S. Soskin and Dumitru Mihalache
2010 to Mohammad Taghi Tavassoly
2011 to Jan Peřina