Resolutions of the 27th General Assembly (2011)

1. To increase membership dues by 3% each year, for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014 and to introduce a regular annual inflationary increase from then on based on an international inflation indicator.

2. The Statutes will be revised to permit a further two Vice Presidents at Large to be elected so that there are a total of five Vice Presidents at Large. 

3. To amend By-Law IIB on Terms on Office. 
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4. That IUPAP endorses the global project to work through UNESCO to request a United Nations proclamation of an International Year of Light in 2015. 
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5. The General Assembly approves the Executive Council’s recommendations on the review of the structure of commissions and agrees to delegate powers to the Executive Council to approve changes of commission names and mandates that arise from working groups on this review. 
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6. IUPAP fully endorses the proposal to establish an International Year of Crystallography in 2013.

7. IUPAP endorses the revision to the IUPAP statement on the Universality of Science to include opposition to discrimination on the grounds of disability, gender identity, sex or sexual orientation. 
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8. The General Assembly notes with approval the decision taken by the Executive Council to re-establish the Working Group on Energy.

9. That IUPAP will appoint a gender champion from the Executive Council. A Vice President will act as gender champion. The chair, or other representative, of the Women in Physics Group is requested to liaise with the Gender Champion.

10. IUPAP resolves to support the International Association of Physics Students.
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11. The IUPAP General Assembly formally accepts the following names and 

  • Element 110    darmstadtium, symbol Ds
  • Element 111    roentgenium, symbol Rg
  • Element 112    copernicium, symbol Cn

12.  IUPAP will adopt the resolution on women in physics. (Full resolution)

13. IUPAP strongly endorses the principles and practices of peer review and recognises that peer review is an essential part of the scientific endeavour.

14. That the resolution continuing IUPAP’s support for SESAME be adopted. 
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15. That the proposed slate of candidates for commission members and officers be adopted.

16. That the proposed slate of Executive Council members be adopted.