Commission on Computational Physics (C20) - Report 2006

Report from C20 (Computational Physics) October 2006

C20 held a meeting in Korea on 29 August to coincide with our CCP2006

1 Six members attended. There were 5 apologies: some explained they had
been unable to obtain funding to attend the meeting. There has been no
response whatsoever from 2 members.

2 Our web site has been updated.

3 The venue of future conferences was discussed. The possibility of
some conferences being held in Latin America or Africa was raised. Until now
conferences have been organised by AAPPS, APS and EPS.

4 We have proposed names of 4 Associate members.

5 We have drafted rules for the Early Career prize.

These last two items appear elsewhere on the agenda, so will not be repeated
in detail

Peter Borcherds (Chairman, C20)





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