Commission on Mathematical Physics (C18) - Objectives


Mathematics is a primary language of physics and mathematical physicists should be the most able to communicate effectively in this language. Moreover, mathematical physics is a subfield of physics that straddles every other subfield.Its practitioners are therefore especially equipped to relate the ideas that emerge from the many subfields and should be among the most influential in the development of physical theory.

The Commission's primary objectives are to champion the cause of Mathematical Physics, enhance its status in the physics community, support IAMP, and promote interdisciplinary activities between Mathematicians and Physicists.

The Commission endeavours to achieve its objectives by promoting effective and widerange communication between mathematicians and physicists primarily through international conferences. Because mathematical physics comprises a huge range of subject matter, it is inevitable that the discipline should separate into narrow subfields. Conferences and workshops can and should provides sessions in which the experts can discuss the problems and advances at the frontiers of their fields. However, such sessions are rarely useful to a newcomer to the field or experts in other areas. The Commission is therefore most interested in supporting international conferences which provide plenary sessions that are meaningful and stimulating to the widest range of participants with the widest range of backgrounds. The inclusion of tutorial sessions for novices and young persons is also much encouraged.