AC.3. International Commission for Acoustics - Members

The purpose of the ICA is to promote international development and collaboration in all fields of acoustics including research, development, education, and standardisation.
Means for the Commission to fulfil its mission are:
a) to maintain close contacts with national and regional acoustical societies and associations as well as other relevant professional organisations and seek consensus in matters of mutual interest; ii to provide an information service on societies, congresses, symposia, etc., research and education organisations in the field of acoustics; iii to take a pro- active role in co-ordinating the main international meetings within acoustics.
b) to convene the International Congresses on Acoustics in accordance with the Commission's guidelines and to act as the International Advisory Committee for these congresses.
c) to sponsor or co-sponsor other topical and special international conferences normally in close cooperation with national and/or regional organisations and to give financial support (grants or guarantees), as a grant to organising committees for such meetings or as a travel grant to participants.

Board Membership 2013-2016

ICA President:
Marion Burgess, Australia

Jing Tian, China

Secretary General:
Michael Stinson, Canada

Antonio Perez-Lopez;   Spain

Past President         

Michael Vorländer; Germany


Brazil                   Júlio A. Cordioli

Denmark               Dorte Hammershøi

France                  Bertrand Dubus

Italy                      Roberto Pompoli

Japan                   Kohei Yamamoto

Korea                   Jeong-Guon Ih

Poland                 Grazyna Grelowska

Slovakia               Monika Rychtarikova

United Kingdom   Yiu Lam

USA                      Mark Hamilton


International Affiliate Representatives

AES -Frank Wells

EAA-Jean Kergomard

FIA -Jorge Patricio

ICBEN-Stephen Stansfeld

ICU-Bogumil Linde

IIAV- J. L. Bento Coelho

I-INCE-Rajendra Singh

WESPAC-Masayuki  Morimoto