WG.9: Working Group on International Cooperation in Nuclear Physics (ICNP)

The working group was formed by resolution of the Cape Town, SA 2005 General Assembly.

The Mandate of the group is:

  • To provide a description of the landscape of key issues in Nuclear Physics research for the next 10 to 20 years
  • To produce (maintain) a compendium of facilities existing or under development worldwide
  • To establish a mapping of these facilities onto the scientific questions identified above
  • To identify missing components that would have to be developed to provide an optimized, comprehensive network of international facilities
  • To explore mechanisms and opportunities for enhancing international collaboration in nuclear science
  • To identify R/D projects that could benefit from international joint effort
  • To serve as a source of expert advice for governmental or inter- governmental organisations in connection with efforts to coordinate and promote nuclear science at the international level
  • To serve as a forum for the discussion of future directions of nuclear science in the broadest sense
  • To document the cross-disciplinary impact of Nuclear Physics and of nuclear facilities and to identify mechanisms for expanding (fostering) cross-disciplinary research.


The Executive of the Working Group consists of a Chairperson and a Secretary. Among its members will be the Chairs of various long range planning committees, i.e., the Chair of the US Nuclear Science Advisory Committee (NSAC) or his/her designate, the Chair of the Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee (NuPECC) or his/her designate, the Chair of the Japanese Nuclear Physics Committee, and further representatives of nuclear physics research establishments worldwide. The Chair and Vice-Chair of C12, the IUPAP Commission on Nuclear Physics, will be ex-officio members of the Working Group.




Reports to General Assemblies: 2011
Reports to the IUPAP Council and Commission Chairs: 2010

Membership (2012-2014)

Robert E. Tribble (Texas A&M, USA) Chair

Anthony W. Thomas (University of Adelaide, Australia) Past-Chair

Willem T.H. van Oers (TRIUMF/University of Manitoba, Canada) Secretary


Hideto En’yo (Director RIKEN, Japan)

Donald F. Geesaman (ANL, USA) Chair NSAC

C. Konrad Gelbke (Director NSCL, USA)

Dominique Gillemaud-Mueller (Deputy Director IN2P3/CNRS, France)

Alinka Lepine-Szily (Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil) CoChair ALAFNA

Nigel Lockyer (Director TRIUMF, Canada)

Victor A. Matveev (Director JINR-Dubna, Russia)

Dong-Pil Min (Ambassador for Science, Korea)

Hugh Montgomery (Director Jefferson Laboratory, USA)

Berndt Müller (Associate Director BNL, USA)

Guenther Rosner (GSI, Germany) Past-Chair NuPECC

Amit Roy (Director Nuclear Science Center, Delhi, India)

Naohito Saito (Deputy-Director J-PARC, Japan)

Hideyuki Sakai (RIKEN, Japan) Chair IUPAP C12

Susan Seestrom (Associate Director LANL, USA) Past-Chair NSAC

Horst Stoecker (Director GSI, Germany)

Zeblon Vilakazi (Director i’Themba Laboratories, Zuid-Afrika)

Yanlin Ye (Beijing University, China) Chair ANPhA

Wenlong Zhan (Vice-President Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou, China)