WG.5: Working Group on Women in Physics

The working group was formed by resolution of the Atlanta General Assembly in 1999. 

The mandate of the group is:

  • To survey the situation for women in physics in IUPAP member countries. To analyse and report the data collected along with suggestions on how to improve the situation. To suggest ways that women can become more involved in IUPAP, including the Liaison Committees, the Commissions, the Council, and the General Assemblies. To report all findings at the General Assembly in 2002.

  • In carrying out the above charge, it may prove useful to organise and convene an international meeting on women in physics. If such a meeting occurs, it should be planned so that a full account can be provided with the report at the General Assembly in 2002.




Reports of the Meetings of the Working Group:

Site Visits:

IUPAP/UNESCO Travel Grants


Chair, Silvina Ponce Dawson, Argentina
Vice chair, Igle Gledhill South Africa

Youngah Park, South Korea
Manling Sui, China (Beijing)
Ndeye Arame Boye Faye, Senegal
Gillian Butcher, UK
Shobhana Narasimhan, India
Renee Horton, USA
Ching Ray Chang, China Taipei

Associated member:
Jin Hee Yoon , South Korea

IUPAP Liaison:
Marcia Barbosa