Gravitational Wave International Committee (GWIC)

Its goals are to:

  • Promote international cooperation in all phases of construction and exploitation of gravitational-wave detectors;
  • Coordinate and support long-range planning for new instrument proposals, or proposals for instrument upgrades;
  • Promote the development of gravitational-wave detection as a astronomical tool, exploiting especially the potential for coincident detection of gravitational-waves and other fields (photons, cosmic-rays, neutrinos);
  • Organise regular, world-inclusive meetings and workshops for the study of problems related to the development of exploitation of new or enhanced gravitational-wave detectors, and foster research and development of new technology;
  • Represent the gravitational-wave detection community internationally, acting as its advocate;
  • Provide a forum for the laboratory directors to regularly meet, discuss, and plan jointly the operations and direction of their laboratories and experimental gravitational-wave physics generally.

GWIC's membership includes representatives of all the interferometer detector projects (ACIGA, GEO, LIGO, TAMA/LCGT, Virgo and ET), acoustic detector projects (ALLEGRO, AURIGA, EXPLORER, miniGRAIL, and NAUTILUS), space-based detector projects (LISA), and the pulsar timing collaborations aimed at detecting gravitational waves in the nanohertz range (PPTA, EPTa, and NanoGrav).


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