Scientific Ethics, Research Integrity and Professional Oaths of Conduct

The following web resources on ethics, scientific conduct and oaths for scientists is only a partial listing of available information and cannot be considered exhaustive. But we hope that those of you who intend to make a serious study of the subject will find this information useful in exploring this important issue from the perspective of the international physics community.

The Role and Activities of Scientific Societies in Promoting Research Integrity, A report of a conference, April 10, 2000, Washington, DC

Professional Ethics Report, Publication of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Scientific Freedom, Responsibility & Law Program in collaboration with the Committee on Scientific Freedom & Responsibility and Professional Society Ethics Group

Should there be an Oath for Scientists and Engineers? Meeting Summary of a meeting convened by the AAAS Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility, September 27, 2000, Washington, DC

APS Compendium of Professional Conduct Statements

Harvard Medical Faculty Policies on Integrity in Science

Harvard Guidelines for Investigators in Scientific Research

ICSU Standing Committee on Responsibility and Ethics in Science

SCRES Standards for Ethics and Responsibility in Science

National Institute for Engineering Ethics Web Site

Professional Ethics and Engineering - A Resource Guide, Second Edition, May, 1997, Compiled for the National Institute for Engineering Ethics by Ellen Fox, Rebecca Newton, and Jing Li, Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois

Hippocratic Oath for Scientists, Nicholas Albery

Website of resources for biomedical and scientific ethics

Physics World, December 1999, The social conscience of scientists, Feature Article

Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics, Article List

Science and Ethics Resource List

Oath, by Lewis Wolpert

To Pledge or Not to Pledge: An Oath for Scientists?, APS News, March 2001

Physics and Ethics: A Case for a Scientists' Oath, EPS Newsletter

Euroscience Working Group: Ethics in Science

UNESCO Recommendations on the Status of Scientific Researchers, 1974

Draft Declaration on Science and the Use of Scientific Knowledge, World Conference on Science, Science for the Twenty-First Century, A New Commitment. Budapest, Hungary, 26 June - 1 July 1999

Guidelines for the Teaching of Professional Ethics, American Chemical Society

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