International Union of Pure and Applied Physics
Meeting of Executive Council
Prague, 15 October 2006

     Alan Astbury (President), Yves Petroff (Past President),      Sukekatsu Ushioda (President Designate), Judy Franz (Secretary      General), Peter Melville (Associate Secretary General); Vice      Presidents at Large: Carmen Cisneros, Chen Jia-Er, Bruce      McKellar; Vice Presidents/Commission Chairs: Pavel Exner,      Pratibha Jolly, Leslie Pendrill, Annick Suzor-Weiner;
Apologies were received from Carmen Cisneros and Dan Dahlberg, who had had to leave before the meeting.

Guidance on conferences
Alan Astbury stated that Council needed to remind commissions to pick the best conferences and not just add to them. They should also be sensitive to some of the smaller countries. Judy Franz was concerned that they may be confused messages about what we wanted to do. It was agreed that Alan Astbury and Peter Melville should revise the guidelines for conferences to make the goals clear and should liaise with Bob Barber.
     Action: Alan Astbury & Peter Melville

Nanoscience Working Group
Alan Astbury expressed concerns that the first nanoscience conference had missed its target on the first and that the second may not succeed. Yves Petroff was concerned that there were too many speakers form North America and none from Asia. Sukekatsu Ushioda proposed that we should insist on and agree international perspectives for the conference with the chair William Wijngaarden before agreeing to the sponsorship. This was agreed.

Workshop in developing countries
It was agreed that $15k for a workshop to be held in a developing country be included in the budget.

IUPAP Audit Report for 2005
Peter Melville moved and Bruce McKellar seconded approval of the Audit Report for 2005. This was agreed.

Approval of budget
Various changes were made to the budget, which was subsequently approved. Approved version

Approval of Associate Members
The Associate Members listed were approved. Commissions have until 13 November to add additional Associate Members to bring the total up to no more than four per commission.

Approval of sponsorship of conferences
The sponsorship of conferences as detailed in these lists was agreed.

Approval of plan to extend IUPAP membership
Small changes were made to the plan to extend IUPAP membership (final version). Alan Astbury proposed and Peter Melville seconded that this be accepted. This was agreed.

Approval of new members
It was agreed that Greece be accepted as a full member subject to confirmation that it will represent the whole of physics, not just high energy physics. It was also agreed that Vietnam be accepted as a category B member.

Future meeting plans
Judy Franz and Sukekatsu Ushioda will discuss financial arrangements for the General Assembly.
     Action: Judy Franz & Sukekatsu Ushioda

ICSU reform
Dan Dahlberg had left a written motion: 'We unanimously support IUPAP to resolve our outstanding issues with ICSU'. Peter Melville moved and Chen Jia-Er seconded that this be accepted. This was agreed (unanimously).

Chair of C19
Judy Franz proposed and Pavel Exner seconded that Maria Victoria Fonesca González be made Acting Chair of C19 until the Chair Alexei Fridman was healthy enough to take over. This was agreed. It was also agreed that a possible change to the statutes be considered at the next meeting to cater for this problem in the future.

Young Scientist Prizes
Judy Franz proposed and Alan Astbury seconded the following:

  1. The terms 'Young Scientist Medal' and 'Young Scientist Prize' be the terms that are used.
  2. The definition of 'young' to be used by all commissions is 'at most eight years post PhD, excluding career interruptions'. But an exception is to be allowed for C3 for the prize as this had already advertised.
  3. Young Scientist Prizes be approved for C4, C11, C15, C16, C18 and C20. I think that some of these had already been approved, but this is not critical. This was agreed.

Judy Franz agreed to contact Stefan Michalowski to obtain his slide to attach to the minutes. (Slide)

Judy Franz thanked Pavel Exner for his hospitality and help in organizing the meetings.

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