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Venue and program

The 23rd International Conference on Low Temperature Physics (LT23) was held in Hiroshima, Japan on August 20-27, 2002. All sessions took place in the International Conference Center, Hiroshima.
The conference program consisted of five parallel program lines:
1) Quantum Gases, Fluids and Solids
2) Superconductivity
3) Magnetism and Properties of Solids
4) Quantum Electron Transport
5) Applications, Materials and Techniques.

The scientific program included 230 oral and 1182 poster presentations. The oral presentations consisted of three Fritz London Memorial Prize lectures, two full-plenary talks, 16 half-plenary talks, 83 30-minute invited talks, and 126 15-minute invited brief reports. The daily program started with four half-plenary lectures, followed by five parallel oral sessions (both in the morning and the afternoon), and ended with poster sessions. Award for best posters has been given, for the first time, at the closing ceremony.


1,466 people from 35 contries (including one region), participated in LT23, with additional 67 accompanying persons. Details are shown in Annex 1. The number of registered participants at previous LT Conferences can be seen in the following table.

      LT18       1987       Kyoto            1563
      LT19       1990       Brighton         1212
      LT20       1993       Eugene           1229
      LT21       1996       Prague           1421
      LT22       1999       Helsinki          1381
      LT23       2002       Hiroshima       1466

Abstracts, manuscripts, and Proceeding

Following in the footsteps of LT22, LT23 has intensively used electroniccommunication for handling abstracts and manuscripts, including submission, editorial processing and dissemination. Of the total 1732 abstracts submitted to LT23, 1,717 were published in the Abstract Booklet.
1,402 manuscripts were subsequently received. Out of these, 1,293 were in the correct electronic format and could be included in uncorrected and un-refereed form on CD-ROM. This pre-conference CD-ROM was distributed to the participants in the registration package upon arrival at the conference site.
All manuscripts have been carefully refereed after the Conference. The1,313 accepted papers will be published in special (but consecutively numbered) issues of Physica B, C, and E in April 2003. The 381 papers in Section #2 (Superconductivity) will be published in Physica C. The 165 papers in Section #4 (Quantum Electron Transport) will be published in Physica E and the remaining 767 papers in Section #1 (Quantum Gases, Liquids and Solids), Section #3 (Magnetism and Properties of Solids) and Section #5 (Applications, Materials and Techniques) will be published in Physica B.
The manuscripts of the Fritz London Memorial Prize lectures, the plenary talks and the half-plenary talks will be published in the most appropriate Physica journal. The printed version of the full Proceedings was ordered by 129 participants (Annex 2). In addition, 76 Physica B, 63 Physica C, and 19 Physica E volumes were ordered. The printed Proceedings will also be available in libraries subscribing to regular issues of Physica or by accessing the Elsevier web site:


The LT23 Organizing Committee received approximately 230 applications for support. The Financial Support Committee evaluated each application, mainly on the basis of science merit. The support was given to 211 participants including 76 invited speakers.


An exhibition was held in the Conference Center. Altogether 22 companies participated in the exhibition, renting one to three booths each at the cost of Y=250,000 (Japanese yen) per booth.


The budget for LT23 was $824,876 (US dollars) and is shown in detailin Annex 3. The figures include waived registration fees both as an income and as participant support in the expenditure.
Most of the conference income came from participant registration fees and accompanying person payments: Y=42,000 ($336) and Y=5,000 ($40) respectively. The total registration fee paid by each participant could include an optional payment for the Final Proceedings in Physica B (Y=15,000), C (Y=8,000), E (Y=5,000), or the full set (Y=23,000); the conference party (Y=6,000) and a tour to Miyajima (Y=3,500).
The remaining income came from the exhibition and contributions from IUPAP, 56 Japanese industries, and six scientific foundations.
On the expenditure side: over 33% of the budget was spent on the Proceedings, the social program, refreshments and participant support. The cost of the conference facilities amounted to 25% of the total budget. JCS Ltd., an outside service company, was hired to handle the registration payments and conference facilities.
The surplus of the LT23 budget, $5,100, will be used to send copies of the Proceedings to various libraries in developing countries.

                                Kashiwa/Wako, January 15, 2003

                     Hidetoshi Fukuyama           Shun-ichi Kobayashi
                      Co-Chair, LT23                  Co-Chair, LT23

Annex 1


                      Australia              2                       Norway                 1
                      Austria                 4                       Poland                   2
                      Belgium                4                       Romania                1
                      Brazil                    6                      Russia                  25
                      Canada                 9                      Slovakia                 1
                      China                  12                      South Korea         29
                      Croatia                 3                       Spain                     2
                      Czech Republic   12                       Sweden               11
                      Finland                 25                      Switzerland         17
                      France                 35                       Taiwan               26
                      Georgia                 2                       Turkey                  3
                      Germany             62                       Ukraine                 9
                      India                     6                       United Kingdom  51
                      Israel                  17                       United States     142
                      Italy                    16                       Venezuela              2
                      Japan                918                       Vietnam                 1
                      Malaysia               1                       Yugoslavia             1
                      The Netherlands 8____________________________
                      1,466 participants from 34 countries and one region.

Annex 2


                      Conference budget                                             $824,876
                      Registration fee (Y=42,000)                                      $336
                      Number of participants                                             1466
                      Accompanying persons                                                67
                      Companies at Exhibition                                               22

                      Scientific program
                      Invited talks                                                               230
                      Poster presentations                                                1182
                      Manuscripts received                                              1402
                      Accepted manuscripts                                             1313
                      Orders for full Proceedings (Physica B, C, & E)        129
                      Orders for Physica B                                                  76
                      Orders for Physica C                                                  63
                      Orders for Physica E                                                  19

                      Social program attendance
                      Welcome reception party                                          471
                      Miyajima visit                                                           302
                      Conference Party                                                     403

                      Support budget                                                  $82,200
                      Number of supported participants                             135
                      Number of supported invited speakers                        76
                      Total number of supported participants                      211 (14%)

Annex 3


                      Registration fees                                            $526,184
                      Proceedings                                                    $39,060
                      Conference party                                             $19,488
                      Miyajima visit                                                     $7,140
                      Exhibition                                                         $72,000
                      IUPAP                                                             $14,000
                      Donations                                                       $147,004
                      Total                                                               $824,876

                      Facilities                                                          $201,958
                      Proceedings                                                      $57,340
                      Printed materials                                               $78,176
                      LT23 O±ce expenses                                       $30,672
                      JCS                                                                $209,680
                      Social program and refreshments                     $134,116
                      C5 and Program Committee                                $4,120
                      Transportation                                                   $21,514
                      Participant support                                             $82,200
                      Donation of Proceedings                                      $5,100
                      Total                                                                $824,876

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