News Bulletin: June 1998

Update from News Bulletin 97-1, February 1997

Proceedings from IUPAP Sponsored Conferences 1993-1999

Proceedings from the IUPAP sponsored conferences are ususally published in journals or as separate volumes through regular publishing houses. Unfortunately, they are not always easily available to physics libraries and the physics community and IUPAP is often approached by interested parties on how proceedings can be obtained.

To rectify this problem, a list of the proceedings from IUPAP meetings is periodically published in a News Bulletin and listed on the IUPAP web site. For this reason, all organizers of IUPAP sponsored conferences have been requested to inform Dr. Robert Barber ( about the publication of proceedings. Conference organizers who have not yet transmitted the information about preceedings are kindly requested to do so at their earliest convenience.

All available information on obtaining copies of published conference proceedings for 1993-99 can be found on the IUPAP web site under conference proceedings. The conferences are listed by year and title.


We regret to advise you that Prof. Jozef Werle died tragically in a traffic accident on May 4, 1998 at the age of 75. In a message to the Polish Academy of Sciences, IUPAP President Jan Nilsson expressed the sense of deep loss with which the news of his tragic death was received by the international physics community. Professor Werle was a forceful and considerate spokesman for his constituency and represented Poland in its relationship with IUPAP for more than two decades. He was an IUPAP Vice-President for 1990-96. To those who had the privilege of knowing him, he was a warm and thoughtful friend and a person of trust and wisdom.

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