C15. Commission on Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics

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Report of Commission 15: Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics Meeting
October, 2004
Mumbai, India

Commission Website

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Commission Meetings

  • ICAP 2004: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    • excellent organization by V. Bagnato and stimulating science
    • 500 attendees from 37 countries including 160 from Brazil and several dozen from rest of Latin America
    • meeting featured on National Brazilian TV
    • several satellite meetings including Hydrogen III (Type C IUPAP)
    • IUPAP support divided among 45 attendees primarily from Latin American, Eastern Europe & Russia.
    • Security at Conference is a Concern: No evening session
  • ICPEAC 2005: Argentina
  • ICAP 2006: Innsbruck, Austria

Conference Recommendations: Unanimous support for ICPEAC $20,000 and Banff Cold Atom Symposium $3,000 requests.

Visa Issues:

  • considerable concern regarding difficulties encountered by bona fide scientists seeking to enter U.S.
  • Y. K. Ho commented it was particularly degrading for foreign scientists to be fingerprinted
  • At ICAP, Harvard Full Professor M. Lukin could not give invited talk reportedly because he could encounter difficulty reentering the U.S. as he is not an American citizen.
  • Commission members feel strongly that letters from each national Committee to the U.S. State Department would be more effective than a boycott of meetings in the U.S. at the present time. The latter could invite retaliation and jeopardize support. For example, NIST donated $15,000 to support 16 ICAP attendees.
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